Caseificio Tosi, a hidden gem in the heart of Italy, traces its origins back to the vibrant 1960s, the result of founder Santino Tosi's commitment and passion. This visionary man began his venture by producing superior quality cheeses to delight the palates of customers in his small shop.

With the arrival of the 1980s, the family and professional landscape of Caseificio Tosi was enriched with the entrance of Fabrizio, Santino's son, who with dedication and innovation directed the company's focus towards the creation of a true cheese legend: Gorgonzola. This cheese, regarded as a precious heir to the Tosi family, began to be treated with extraordinary dedication and affection, although its full maturation would only take shape in the 1990s.

The evolution and growth of Caseificio Tosi took a significant turn with the arrival of Miranda, Fabrizio's sister. With an innovative spirit and a modern vision, Miranda, together with her husband Andrea, have taken the company to new heights of excellence. Today, Caseificio Tosi represents one of the most authentic and respected realities in the Gorgonzola DOP consortium, maintaining the values of craftsmanship and tradition that have marked its history.

In the heart of the Maggiore and Orta lakes, milk of excellent quality is transformed every day into about 300 forms of Gorgonzola, each manually cared for with love and dedication. This family of cheesemakers treats every form of cheese as if it were a member of their own family, dedicating time and passion to its aging, which varies between 90 and 160 days, on authentic wooden boards. Thus, Gorgonzola Tosi is not simply a product: it is the emblem of a family story, of passion and tradition, that continues to live through every form of cheese produced, telling the story of a family united by love for their craft.