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Tosi has been producing Gorgonzola DOP for over 50 years. He has always chosen to produce his cheese in a traditional and artisanal way, all by hand only. This path, different from all the others, has marked a deep furrow in the qualitative difference of the product, making Tosi Gorgonzola a distinctive excellence.

The passion for pure and simple products has inevitably brought us closer to other producers with the same attitude, creating relationships, friendships and collaboration within the world of excellent food and wine. This has helped to refine and develop not only our passion but also our awareness of how complementary the two productions are.

Cheese maker and Wine Lover' that is the main ideology of our business and this is what we want to bring to you all, to show you the best combination of both.

Nestled in the heart of the chic Mayfair district, discreetly tucked away within a meticulously renovated garage, discover our exquisite treasure, Tosi Gorgonzola Bar—the inaugural Italian wine bar in London, founded by a seasoned cheese producer. Here, the convergence of tradition and an unwavering passion for top-tier quality creates a truly unparalleled experience.

Originating from a family business near the shores of Lake Maggiore, Tosi has dedicated over six decades to the art of cheese production, specializing in Gorgonzola Dolce DOP across three generations. Employing time-honored, artisanal methods, our entire production cycle—from cheese crafting to salting and curing—is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Our meticulous process unfolds in small 600-liter vats, where every step, from manual extraction to aging on wooden boards, contributes to the slow maturation that defines our exceptional product. Eschewing mass production norms, we prioritize flavor over yield, employing traditional techniques such as the use of the small bassoon for purging and hand-salting each shape individually. In our pursuit of simplicity, we proudly uphold the artisanal spirit at every stage, placing the human touch at the forefront.